User Interface Solution for Brew Mobile Platform Products


Our UI solution for BMP products is a set of software packages designed for terminal manufacturers which consists of a set of UI frame (based on touch screen) and a group of core applications. By running on Brew MP, it can, upon the demands of users, complete cutting and publishing in a very short time.

The UI solution for BMP products can easily adapt to varied hardware and successfully solve problems arising from the upgrading of Brew MP.


  • Desktop widget support
  • Multi-page desktop support
  • Application menu support
  • Theme switch support
  • Multimedia support
  • Storage of more than 1,000 phone numbers
  • This solution, including core applications, consists of:
    • SMS
    • Phone book
    • Call log
    • Camera
    • Multimedia player
    • File manager
    • System preferences
    • Calendar
    • FM radio
    • Bluetooth
    • Notepad
    • RSS
    • Calculator
    • Clock
    • i-Music
    • eBook
    • Business card
    • SIM tools
    • Stocks
    • Email
    • Dictionary
    • Application manager
    • Application store
    • Browser
    • Java application management
    • Unit conversion
    • Download management

Key Technology

  • By offering a set of frames based on touch operation, the solution helps customers significantly cut down on payment to design companies.
  • Necessary operation functions such as click, double click, drag & drop and quick slide are integrated for today’s high-end mobile phones.
  • With a complete curve base of motion function, the solution can produce an imposing effect.
  • Due to the close partnership with Qualcomm, the solution can solve the problems arising from the upgrading of BMP quickly and easily.
  • The solution helps reduce the costs for adapting to new platforms by packaging dynamic modules.
  • The software included is optimized carefully for various platforms.


  • Hardware: Presently, the solution can support three kinds of hardware platforms, including:
    • QSC 6270 (230M)
    • QSC 6270 (230M)
    • QSC 6085 (Turbo)
  • Software: The solution can run on BMP 1.0.4 or higher.
  • Interaction: The solution can support three modes of user interaction:
    • Touch screen
    • 12-key keyboard
    • Full keyboard