Zhejiang Mobile Hangzhou Branch’s Information Project of Digital Community for People

Customer Profile

Zhejiang Mobile Hangzhou Branch, a subsidiary of China Mobile in Zhejiang Province, is the first company conducting specialized operations in China’s telecommunication industry. Due to its user scale and network capacity, it ranks the first in Zhejiang. As of today, it has 2 million customers and its network capacity is over 2.5 million. It covers all counties, villages and towns in Zhejiang including main traffic lines and high telephone traffic regions.

Key Challenges

With stable access based on varied terminals, the platform can satisfy the response need of large communities (with more than 10 thousand residents), and provide them with comprehensive information services.


After the project is implemented, information service would be made available in Chaoming Community, Xiacheng District in Hangzhou. The all-directional monitoring system with high definition helps protect the life and property of community residents; digital large screen system provides them with a platform for publishing and sharing; one-button help system offers the best help calling approach in emergences; mobile office system help community workers improve working efficiency and serve community residents better.


Neusoft Digital Community System