Storage - Neusoft Embedded


We have developed front-end and back-end software which can be used forstorage system management innetwork environments. In addition to this, we have also developed a user graphic interface using Java Applet in the front end by adopting the industry standard WBEM/CIM structure. Users can easily partition and configure storage resources with the web browser operating GUI interface, including RAID group setting, logistic unit partition, logistic unit assigning for the storage network server, uninterrupted upgrading, uninterrupted expansion for the logistic unit and so on.

Storage system Development


  • Data Replication
  • Active/Active
  • Thin Provisioning
  • Real-time Performance Monitoring/Analysis/Control
  • Large Configuration

Key Technology

  • Web Service
  • RAID


  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • HPUX

Case Study

Our performance monitoring and analysis tool helps customers manage their webpage storage resources. This tool acquires and storessystem performance data and displays the system’s real-time status through a variety of tables. This informationhelps customers immediately identify and predict bottlenecks from any component of their computer storage system.

Furthermore, this tool can also monitor, summarize and calculate the performance of existing storage processors, logical units, RAID and disks. These performance statistics allow customers to detect possible defects existing in the allocation and utilization of system resources through various(archived?)tables. As a result, customers are able toreconfigure their system for better performance.