In-Vehicle Communication

Future-oriented application system for autonomic communication between vehicles - Neusoft Embedded


Neusoft has done extensive research and developed a future-oriented application system for autonomic communication between vehicles.
Modern vehicles are designed with powerful communication devices that enable real-time exchange of driving data with each other without a third-party server.
The communication may cover the traffic status of adjacent roads and the steering intention of the vehicle’s driver. This could provide assistance with driving tasks based on the steering intention of the vehicle, such as lane changing, overtaking, left/right-hand turning and so on.


  • In-Vehicle network control
    • CAN bus line
    • MOST bus line
    • FlexRay Communications System
  • Built-in TMC module for smart traffic control
    • Smart selection of the best route based on the received traffic information
  • Hands-Free Bluetooth connection
    • Seamless connection between mobile phones and Human User
  • 3G communication access
    • Convenient information access and download via mobile Internet connection

Key Technology

  • Wireless communication between vehicles
  • Information exchange communication protocol between vehicles

Case Study

In-vehicle communication - Case Study