Printer - Neusoft Embedded


With a wealth of experience in software for multi-function peripheral (MFP) software, we provide printer manufacturers with leading solutions and services for high-speed multi-function peripherals. We have also helped printer manufacturers increasingly expand the scope of managed print services by offering value-added solutions and services.

We have a good mastery over image compression standards like JPED and JBID, and have a good understanding of and a great deal of experience in diversified image processing such as image minification /magnification, brightness/color adjustment, image adjustment, damage recovery, image enhancement and OCR. We have the ability to provide customers with basic peripheral (copier, scanner, printer, fax machine) solutions, e-document management solutions and expanded solutions like PDF document generation and GDI printing.

With rich experience in developing MFT emulator, we have launched some products that can effectively shorten the development cycle of MFP. Besides this, we have also developed mature automatic testing solutions enabling intelligent efficient pre-sales testing and acceptance of peripherals

As smartphones grow in popularity, we have offered integrated solutions covering remote monitoring, printer control and e-document review and editing in varied fields such as iPhone, iPad and Android.

In cloud computing, we have provided our customers with cloud computing services for MFT through our cloud platform, giving an excellent prospect to the globalization and efficiency of MFP. At the same time, with the help of cloud platform supplied by other manufacturers like Amazon, we are experienced in offering or expanding cloud computing service.


  • Print, Copy, Fax, Internet Fax, Scan To FTP/Email/Hardware Device/USB Functions
  • GUI Display (LCD + Touch Panel)
  • High Speed Print
  • Remote Scan
  • High Compression PDF
  • OCR
  • Special Print (Watermark, Stamp, Embedded security pattern printing technology)
  • Thumbnails View
  • Power Model Support (Standby, Sleep, Low Power, Power On)
  • Web Management & Control
  • iPhone/iPad/iTouch/Android application
  • Rich Client Application
  • MFP Emulator
  • Application Development IDE
  • MFP Auto Test Tool
  • Cloud Web Platform
  • Cloud Auto-Scaling Service
  • Multi Language

Key Technology

  • MCU Control
  • Graphical User Interface
  • OS (VxWorks, Linux)
  • Device Driver for Linux or VxWorks (USB, UART, LED, etc.)
  • Linux Customization
  • Web Management & Control
  • Image Format
  • Image Process (JPEG Codec, JBIG Codec, Mxx Codec, Tiff, Rotation, etc.)
  • File Process (PS,PCL,PDF, etc.)
  • Core Application Development (Print, Scan, Copy, Fax, Storage)
  • Cloud Compute(OCR ,etc)
  • SDK & Emulator Development


Linux, Unix, VxWorks

Case Study

We have participated in the development of partial screens, middleware and drivers for several models of a famous branded MFP. We have applied Flex UI to the latest model developed by us. By optimizing its middleware and driver, we have achieved printing speeds of upto 60 images per minute for this model. Consequently, this model has been well received by our customers.

During the development of these models, we have gained a great deal of experience related to printers and image processing. With this experience, we are able to provide customers with customizable solutions and software packages for MFPs and image processing.

In printer services, we have successfully developed MFP Emulator that can effectively increase the development efficiency of printer software. This enables new models of printers to hit the market rapidly. Besides this, we have successfully developed an automatic testing tool which can complete pre-sales checking and testing of printers in an automatic manner, ensuring the efficiency and quality of testing. We have also launched various MFP-based client applications for PC clients and mobile device clients like iPhone and Android which can remotely monitor and control the operation of printers. These applications have been popular since their launch as they advance the value-added functions of traditional printers. E-document review and editing tool is also made available in mobile device clients, which further increases the market share of related software and systems. Moreover, we can conduct comprehensive management for both paper and electronic documents with MFP and document management system while perfecting enterprise management in line with applicable laws and regulations.