Digital Camera


We are dedicated to our goal of becoming leaders in the development of embedded software for digital cameras and the secondary development of various chips. To date, we have provided complete digital camera software solutions and services to many internationally known digital camera manufacturers. Our customers are mainly from Asian and North American countries.
In addition to developing traditional digital cameras, we also offer digital camera solutions to well-known overseas mobile phone manufacturers. Our highly skilled and experienced R&D team is responsible for the development of new technologies and products. Currently they are researching the application of digital camera technologies in smartphones and tablets.
Our team members have a wealth of experience in embedded technology and business operation. Each model is quickly and efficiently developed, while ensuring that the product delivered is in line with the high quality requirements of customers.


In addition to basic functions, the digital camera solutions we provide also feature the following special functions:

  • UI: 3D UI effect solution
  • Shooting: Single shooting,continuous shooting, self-timer, panorama mode, automatic smile shooting,automatic scene selector, 3D single-lens shooting
  • Playback: Static play, photo magnified/reducedplay, flash play, PPT play, automatic clarified play, my favorite play,play by date, projector play
  • Editing: Image processing(magnifying, reducing, rotating, etc.), quick refinement, skin softening,black frame
  • Communication: USB, PTP, MTP,PictBridge, AV, DLNA, WI-FI, Eye-Fi Wireless SD Cards
  • Digital camera control: Variedsolutions for control of power, aperture, shutter, flash, stabilizer,AE/AF sensor, lens and AWB
  • Other features: Power conservation,multi-language support, print setting and high-speed start

Key Technology

With over a decade of experience in developing embedded software for leading operating systems and platforms in line with customer requirements., we areable to provide various services, as represented below. Additionally we offersecondary development solutions based on different chips.

  • Algorithms: Face recognition,electronic stabilization, optical stabilization, red eye correction,shut-eye detection, image processing, automatic positioning, 3A (AE, AF,AWB)
  • Driver development: Lens, SD, USB,AV, WI-FI, GPS, touch screen, sensor, projector, etc.


In addition to μITRON-based development, we can also develop and customize digital cameras under Linux and Android.

Case Studies

Case 1:

We have successfully developed a series of digital cameras that can support global positioning system (GPS). When receiving a satellite signal, our cameras allow users to calculate information related to their current location such as longitude, latitude, altitude, speed and time, and display the location and relevant route. Our implementation project includes GPS module management, GPS information expression, historical location storage, GPS information for photos, etc.

Case 2:

We have adopted Bionz image processing chips with the functionality of face recognition. By leveraging these powerful processors for use in calculation, automatic focus and exposure control, we have successfully developed digital cameras with a smile recognition feature.
Using this technology, cameras target the face of the subject and adjust the focus and exposure automatically when a face is detected in the picture. Once this is done, the cameras take a photo immediately once a smiling face is detected.