Rule-based Surveillance System

With the development of the finance industry, rules related to the implementation of laws and regulations, known commonly as compliance are becoming stricter and more standardized in the banking, securities and insurance industries. In the financial futures industry, especially as many new financial derivatives have been developed in recent years, legal violations occur frequently due to inadequate financial regulations. Therefore, the question of how to monitor market participants effectively and conduct effective compliance management inside financial enterprises has become an important issue in the finance and IT industries.

Neusoft provides financial users with a early-warning business monitoring and compliance management solution which takes a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to prevent potential problems from occurring. If an issue does arise, however, the system will respond immediately, thus significantly improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business supervision tasks.

Neusoft's rule-based surveillance solution provides flexible setting and management of surveillance rules. Through scene simulation and historical data testing, it adjusts the conditions and thresholds of rules and reflects the changes of operations and surveillance rules in a timely manner for effective surveillance.