Major Health Management Company Develops and Implements Business Strategy with the Help of NCG


An independent brand dedicated into health management and service, the company was registered simultaneously in the offshore market, Hong Kong, and Beijing in 2011. Its key businesses include the operation of regional and self-service healthcare management centers, Internet-of-things-based health awareness terminals, cloud-based health service platforms that span across healthcare processes. However, the rapid expansion of the Internet, particularly the mobile Internet, has fundamentally changed the business models of the entire industry, creating a lot of painful points for individual businesses. The company turned to NCG for consultation services with regard to the development and implementation of business strategies.

Project Overview

Based on a thorough analysis of the current business of the company, a number of benchmarks were identified to allow comparison and to draw lessons from, while a development roadmap was created. Benchmarks included:

  • Patient and medical practitioners' platforms:,,;
  • Remote diagnosis:
  • Health management centers:,,
  • Medical services:,,, HCA

Value Delivered

Strategic level: The company was able to maintain distinct, dynamic strategies. Actionable, rational, long-term strategies with a distinct competitive edge were developed. A competitive business model was built. Guidance was provided to the execution level for the development of a feasible action plan. Internal resources were allocated reasonably. Adequate, reasonable choices and combinations were made to achieve the financial return expected.

Execution level: Efforts were made to ensure thorough understanding of the strategic positioning and resource allocation made at the strategic level. A reasonable action plan, particularly critical action plan, was developed to ensure team building, staffing, competence development, a diversified culture, knowledge and experience sharing, and the reflection of BU leadership. Comparisons were made between actual market results and the targets to identify gaps, analyze opportunities, and promote the result-oriented performance execution method.