Leading Appliance Enterprise Transforms Its Internet Strategy with the Help of NCG


Established in 1984, the enterprise is the No.1 appliance brand in the world and employs more than 70,000 people around the world. In 2011, its global sales totaled RMB150.9 billion. With a brand valuation of RMB96.28 billion, it has been named "the Most Valuable Brand in China" for 11 consecutive years.

In the Internet era, it faces a number of challenges, including slow response to customer demands and lack of interaction due to the "serial model" (purchase-product, marketing-sale-customer service) typically seen among traditional manufacturers, distinct vulnerabilities in terms of Internet-based marketing planning and operation, e-commerce sales and in-bound traffic volumes, and a undersized loyal customer base.

Project Overview

Using the benchmarking approach, we helped the client to build an internet user platform (HIUP) with a focus on internet-oriented transformation of the group, e.g., the strategic planning of new media publicity models and clarification of roles and responsibilities. In order to facilitate two-way communication between users and their followers, we leveraged our proprietary internet platforms (ehaier/hope/communities), as well as third-party Internet service providers (weibo, weixin, baidu, and e-commerce platforms) to ensure effective integration with existing ERP/PLM and other IT assets.  

Value Delivered

We helped the client to build an interactive internet community with the best family user experience in China. Through an upgrade of the mostly serial business processes into a parallel model, its functionalities, including R&D, sales, marketing and after-sale services are able to contact end users and partners directly with the internet user platform, achieving mutual success for the group, its users, and partners.