Neusoft Ranked No. 3 Among PwC's Emerging Markets Top 30 Software Companies

SHENYANG, China, Nov. 11, 2016 -- Neusoft Corporation ("Neusoft", SSE: 600718), a leading IT solution and service provider in China, today announced that it has been recently named to the "Emerging Markets Top 30 Software Companies" list by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), ranking third. Prior to this emerging markets ranking, Neusoft was the only software company from China to be included in the 2016 "Global 100 Software Leaders" list.

The "Emerging Markets Top 30 Software Companies" list focuses on emerging markets and is based on software revenue of each company from 2013 to 2014. The list was developed as part of PwC's on-going 2016 "Global 100 Software Leaders" report and is based on data provided by International Data Corporation (IDC).

Along with the trend of globalization, successful software companies are no longer limited to the US and Europe, and leading companies can be found everywhere around the globe. In fact, two-thirds of the Emerging Markets Top 30 Software Companies are located in Asia.

There are an increasing number of emerging companies coming to the forefront, and they have some common characteristics, such as deep experience and understanding of local markets as well as entrepreneurial cultures. These emerging-market leaders are adding to the challenges facing legacy software vendors in more mature markets.

Dr. Liu Jiren, Chairman & CEO of Neusoft said: "We are honored to be ranked No. 3 among the 'Emerging Markets Top 30 Software Companies', which is also a recognition of China's software companies by the global market. Rich software talent, strong economic and social development, and other factors will enable more and more outstanding software companies to develop in emerging markets, especially from the Chinese market.

"This year is Neusoft's 25th anniversary and we have gone through several business transformations in the past years in response to the constantly changing market environment. Looking to the future, we are committed to promoting the integration of IT technology with various industries to create more value, and further drive the development of China's software industry."