Neusoft Showcases Next Generation IVI Platform Solution “C?-Alfus” at TU-Automotive Detroit 2015

Detroit, USA, June 4, 2015 -- Neusoft Corporation ("Neusoft", SSE: 600718), a leading IT solution and service provider from China, attended the TU-Automotive Detroit 2015 in the USA, showcasing its leading technologies and products in the fields of automotive electronics, with the key product of next generation In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) platform solution “C³-Alfus”. The participation in this conference demonstrates Neusoft’s determination to further accelerate its footprint in the global automotive electronics industry.

TU-Automotive Detroit (formerly Telematics Detroit) is the world's largest event dedicated to the evolution of automotive technology and its connected car, auto-mobility and autonomous use-cases, with more than 150 speakers, 200 booths and 3000 attendees this year.

Neusoft has become a global leading IVI system provider, and its software is running in many top automobile brands worldwide. At TU-Automotive Detroit 2015, Neusoft showcased its latest IVI platform “C³-Alfus”, which is based on Android and offers a multitude of connectivity options and media playback. With dedicated connectivity and cloud services, C³-Alfus brings consumers favorite smart device apps into the car for a truly customized experience. In addition, automotive manufacturers are able to pre-integrate this solution into their H/W platforms and remain more flexible and purposeful for longer periods of time through easy update options. This direct link between the automotive manufacturers and the consumer is opening up next generation customer relationship management (CRM) opportunities that will generate new revenue streams through services, applications and big data.

“Neusoft is pleased to join the TU-Automotive conference, which is one of the top automotive events in the U.S.,” said Keith Collins, CTO of Neusoft America, Inc. “TU-Automotive provides Neusoft with the opportunity to meet with customers and to demonstrate our newest platforms and solutions for IVI. In the future, Neusoft will further enhance our development and innovation capability, and strengthen our core competitiveness as we extend our automotive R&D efforts into the global markets.”