Neusoft Named Again to PwC's Global 100 Software Leaders

SHENYANG, China, June 18, 2013-- Neusoft Corporation ("Neusoft", SSE: 600718), a leading IT solution and service provider in China, today announced that it has been recently named again to the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) 'Global 100 Software Leaders' ranking list for its outstanding business model innovation, transformation, and sustainability. It is the only software company from China included in the ranking. In addition, Neusoft also ranked No. 5 on the Emerging Markets 100 list.

Global 100 Software Leaders, a unique initiative between PwC and leading software industry associations, presents today's top 100 software companies around the world, based on the forecast, analysis, and evaluation of leading software companies and industry trends. In addition, it also ranks the top 100 software companies in emerging markets, such as China, India, Brazil, Poland, Romania, Japan, Korea, etc.

The boom of cloud computing, Internet of Things, mobile Internet, and other new technologies has driven the rapidly increasing number of mobile devices. Software as a service (SaaS) will not only create more IT consumption, but also will bring new opportunities and challenges to software vendors. Therefore, this year's 'Global 100 Software Leaders' ranking is more focusing on the growth and practices of software vendors in SaaS, cloud computing, and other related businesses, makes a comprehensive evaluation on their capacities in innovation and transformation against the new round of technology and service revolution.

Neusoft has been committed to focusing on creating value for customers. The company strives to build its core competitiveness and promote sustainable development through continuous innovation in technology, business, human resource, management and business model.  

Dr. Liu Jiren, Chairman & CEO of Neusoft said: "With the rising cost of human resources, the low-cost advantage of China's software industry is gradually disappearing, and the new round of competition in the software industry is about business model innovation. We are trying to build a sustainable business model to provide sustainable value for our customers, making software and service an integral part of social transformation and people's daily lives. We are transforming our business model from B2B to B2B2C, and driving our growth by knowledge assets and innovation instead of increasing number of headcount, and we will provide our customers with sustainable and valuable products and services."