Cloud Building and Migration


In terms of cloud building and migration services, Neusoft can provide customized private cloud plans for the clients through Neusoft’s private cloud platform or a private cloud platform of a mainstream cloud manufacturer, e.g. Ali Yun, Huawei Cloud, etc. With hybrid cloud platform management software, we also provides the planning and building for hybrid cloud platform.
Scope of service: Migration of current businesses from physical machines and virtual private and public cloud platforms to public or private cloud platforms, and intelligent cloud O&M and management for the clients.


  • Cloud building: Planning, building and integration of hybrid cloud; fully customized private cloud solutions; cloud building for 100+ clients 
  • Cloud migration: Migration solutions developed based on automated and intelligent migration platforms; migration of 2,000 virtual machines for a single client; 
  • Methodology and qualification: Cloud building and migration based on international mainstream cloud migration methodologies; a top MSP service provider in China with the golden qualification of several cloud manufacturers; a member of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology participated in the development of cloud migration codes and standards. 
  • Tool platform: A specialized cloud migration tool platform to assist the smooth migration of businesses 
  • Competence of staff: A R&D team of 10,000 people to assist your business migration and cloud renovation - micro-service, containerization, etc.


  • Secondhand car business migration of BMW 
  • Overseas cloud migration of Haier 
  • Private cloud building and migration of Rongsheng Insurance 
  • Private cloud building and migration of Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Jiangsu Province
  • Private cloud building and migration of Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security of Wuxi 
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