Sensteer Fleet

What is Sensteer Fleet ?

Sensteer Fleet helps fleets detect and manage risks, assists insurance companies in managing and controlling the risks of commercial vehicle underwriting and claim settlement, and enhances the risk supervision efficiency of government agencies for road safety supervision and vehicle operating companies through utilizing intelligent on-board hardware, IoT, Big Data and cloud technology, combining the data of connected automated vehicles related to transportation and safety with the business data of fleet transportation, and perceiving the risks of drivers, vehicles, and carried objects.

  • Real-time early warning against risks
  • Vehicle behavior portraits
  • Intelligent route optimization
  • Security data reports

Application Scenarios

Security Monitoring for Fleets of Transport Enterprises

Perceive the risks of drivers, vehicles, and carried objects to enable the real-time risk monitoring and early warning for in-transit vehicles of transport enterprises, the control on accident inducing factors, the reduced accident rates, and the ensured security and timeliness of in-transit vehicles.

Risk Control on Commercial Vehicle Insurances

Collect the risk events of in-transit commercial vehicles and the panoramic operational data of vehicles and consider the risk factors like drivers, vehicle conditions, travel habits, and travel environments to select high-quality insured clients for insurance companies and to rationally avoid claim settlement risks.

Government Regulation

Meet the government’s safety supervision requirements for road transportation means (such as commercial vehicles, public service vehicles, and special vehicles.) to enable the compliant and legitimized transportation behaviors and the effective avoidance of risks in illegal use of vehicles.

Risk Evaluations on Drivers

Recognize and evaluate the driving behaviors of drivers in fleets, rental cars, and other scenarios to assist fleets in evaluating drivers’ driving behaviors and working out improvement measures and to help car rental clients with risk control.

Why Sensteer Fleet?

Focus on Intelligent Governance on Safety and Efficiency of In-Transit Vehicles

Real-Time Perception

Utilize the on-board intelligent risk perception devices to provide real-time intelligent identification and pre-warning for a total of 30-plus risk events including the driving status and behaviors of internal drivers, the external driving environments, and the status of the carried objects and to improve driving safety.

Intelligent Pre-Warning

Rely on our own risk diagnosis models and the integrated consideration of multidimensional factors such as risk events, traffic, and drivers to intelligently analyze the risk levels of in-transit vehicles and with real-time warning and to enable the accurate and responsive monitoring on in-transit vehicles.

Multidimensional Risk Evaluation

Provide comprehensive decision-making basis for such business activities as locating typical safety problems, gaining insight into risk change trends, identifying good drivers, and evaluating the efficiency of safety supervisions through preparing safety data reports and risk portraits of vehicles and drivers.

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