Cloud After-Sales Services

Provide professional after-sales service management and customized after-sales value-added services for equipment manufacturers. Help them realize standardized after-sales support systems. Enable better customer service quality and lower service costs for these enterprises in line with their current business needs and long-term development goals.

Target equipment manufacturers, equipment operation service providers, and third-party after-sales enterprises; enable the equipment operation management throughout the life cycle after delivery, involving such end-to-end business scenarios as real-time equipment monitoring and analysis, equipment failure maintenance, equipment planned maintenance, and predictive/preventive maintenance, equipment operations and monitoring, field service management, end user service request management, and spare parts management.

Service List

  • End-to-end closed-loop management over the full processes of order reporting, task assignment, maintenance, settlement, and service evaluation.
  • Customized form templates in line with enterprises’ business demands.
  • Lightweight front end that enables users to report orders and query the progress of work orders through the WeChat official account.
  • Real-time view of logistics information and automatic fee settlement for the delivery of accessories and the return of old and returned items.
  • Convenient and humanized operation such as assigning tasks by proximity, tracking engineers’ trajectories in real time, and automatically calculating traveling mileage.

Service Advantages

  • Reduce service costs
  • Raise work performance
  • Enhance product quality
  • Improve use experiences


  • Commins unit after-sale service platform
  • Qianhai new energy customer services
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