Cloud Care Services

An advanced doctor-patient management platform created for foundations and hospitals. Provide patient-centered intelligent doctor-patient management services. Offer hospitals an important channel to serve patients and to fully meet patients’ personalized medical service demands.

Cloud Care provides patient-centered intelligent doctor-patient management services and various solutions, including the doctor-patient CRM system, the intelligent follow-up visit system, the patient assistance system, the SaaS-based services, the customized business services, and the foundation services for such application scenarios as hospitals, foundations, and pharmaceutical companies.

Service List

  • Intelligent follow-up visits
  • Patient communication campaigns in multiple modes
  • Real-time communication and patient community
  • One-stop PAP services

Service Advantages

  • Patients can receive humane care and get along better with doctors, receive professional health guidance conducive to post-hospital rehabilitation, make appointments for follow-up visits with better treatment experiences, communicate online with doctors to build mutual trust, conduct self-service health check for mobile health management, and form healthy diagnosis and treatment scheme through self-service community communication.
  • Hospitals provide post-diagnosis care through follow-up visits to win the trust from patients and increase their stickiness. The intelligent follow-up visits support the inpatient management and enable the automated formation of patient files. So, doctors can timely know patients’ post-diagnosis curative effect and satisfaction, and hospitals can improve their medical, scientific research, and management levels.


  • Maidi Weikang
  • Life Oasis
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