E-commerce Cloud Platform (CorpTrade)

Provide e-commerce cloud services integrated with publicity, investment attraction, sales, and services for SMEs without e-commerce experience or professional teams. Rely on rich resources and Big Data analysis to enable SMEs to smoothly transform their traditional sale models to Internet e-commerce.

Feature rich and scalable functions, multiple operation patterns, full coverage of clients, customizable interface styles, and analyzable transaction data. Support multiple e-commerce forms including O2O, B2B2C, cross border, and fission distribution to meet the demands of different industries on e-commerce.

Service List

  • One-stop services for users
  • What-You-See-is-What-You-Get in store configuration
  • Free configuration of commodity attributes
  • Multiple payment modes
  • Various operational and promotional means
  • Multiple versions that support the single-store, multiple-store and distribution modes.

Services Advantages

  • Multiple e-commerce patterns provided for enterprises to meet the demands of different industries.
  • Assistance for enterprises in creating self-run online shopping malls with the combination of online and offline sale patterns.
  • The shortened sale chains and saved costs for enterprises.


  • Xiyun E-commerce Platform
  • Weichai Group Travel Service Platform
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