SME Cloud Platform (CorpPartner 365)

A public cloud service platform that provides one-stop services and multiple cloud applications for SMEs to enable their cloud-based account management and portal display and to meet their demands in corporate management and operations.

Service List

Enterprise Cloud Applications

  • Provide enterprises with enterprise management services, including office management, customer relationship management, performance management, access control management, project management, questionnaires, recruitment management, knowledge bases and other productized cloud applications.
  • Provide enterprises with various customized on-demand cloud applications for production, statistics, office, commodities, declaration, assets, approval, expenses, and collaboration.

Enterprise Cloud Services

  • Provide enterprises with cloud marketing promotional services (CorpWin), including constructing and promoting enterprise websites and micro websites, promoting enterprise products and images, helping enterprises gain target customers through WeChat, and pushing enterprise product information through WeChat and Weibo.
  • Provide enterprises with cloud demand matchmaking services (CorpBenefit), including supply and demand information, talent recruitment, inspection and testing, which match the supply from professional service providers with the actual demands from enterprises to form a new online and offline matchmaking pattern.

Service Features

With the full-process enterprise management application systems, you can own professional cloud workspace just through simple registration and login. In the cloud application market, you can choose the cloud application products that meet your needs and contain the full-process management on personnel, customers, and office; the unified deployments and login and automatic updates enable less informationization costs and higher management efficiency for enterprises, compared with the traditional software models.

Full-coverage enterprise business services; exclusive cloud service counselors for enterprises, professional cloud ecological markets for enterprises; a steady flow of accessible professional service providers covering the categories of certification and accreditation, business registration services, legal services, management consulting, technical services, inspection and testing, etc.; real-time updated enterprise supply and demand information, with Neusoft’s Big Data technology applied to intelligently match enterprise needs; authentic enterprise credit archives established through enterprise information certification and transaction evaluation to display excellent enterprises’ brands and images.

Service Advantages

Value Created for Governments and Regional Economy

  • Promoted advancement of regional SME industries and accelerated development of key industries.
  • Stimulated local industrial development and accelerated development of the modern service industry.
  • Core platform for regional governments to provide government services to SMEs and enable regional governments to more fully play their guiding roles in industrial development.
  • Higher contribution of SMEs to regional economic development, reduced overall social operating costs, and enhanced regional competitiveness.

Value Created for SMEs

  • Less service costs and rapidly lifted service levels of regional SMEs.
  • Accelerated informatization process of regional SMEs, with the shortened technological transformation period .
  • Demonstration effect that helps to raise the awareness of informatization participation of regional SMEs and to promote their development.
  • Regional SME’s dedication to core businesses with improved operating efficiency and core competitiveness.


  • Qingdao SME Service Platform
  • Hubei Provincial SME Service Platform
  • Shandong Provincial Service Platform
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