Private Cloud Operation Services


Neusoft Private Cloud Operation Services feature the “instant on-demand supply ” which enables custom-tailored solutions based on the different needs from clients. Such services meet clients’ personalized IT system needs for the core businesses like manufacturing, logistics tracking, supply chain management, and e-commerce and enable clients to rapidly deploy systems and to achieve business goals through a series of means like solution customization, strategic planning with the lowest budget, the optimal path and the efficient execution.


  • Meet the requirements of highly agility and high release frequency for the “critical applications ” of your company
  • Involve lower TCO than that of public cloud services Neusoft Cloud Technology offers;
  • Fully meet the requirements of “compliance” reviews and risk management (ISO31000) and the low “tolerance” of relevant businesses of your company towards applications;
  • Fully guarantee the your company’s needs for high application performance and high SLA through the reasonable architectural rules and design, the professional full-stack technical team, and the strong quality control system; provide reliable, stable, efficient and secure IT systems for your company’s core businesses to enable greater creativity for your company.

Service Case

Big Data - Private Cloud Project of Some Household Appliance Group


As a nationally and internationally excellent household appliance group, this client began to try virtualization and cloud computing technology as early as 2009. Now, the group has developed nearly 1,000 systems from 30 ones or so in the beginning. Due to the rapid business development, the original IT system construction pattern involving planning and design —procurement—deployment—launch—updates and scaling can no longer meet the business needs for the flexible development of this enterprise. The Group’s IT support departments need to adjust the service pattern to meet the requirements of business systems for agile development, rapid deployments, on-demand use, and flexible scaling.


Basing on the client’s strategic planning, Neusoft Cloud Technology integrates virtualization, cloud computing and heterogeneous cloud management platform technologies and adopts the “instant on-demand supply” model to provide computing, storage resource leasing, data security, and system operation services as well as unified billing and management portals for the Group’s Qingdao headquarters, all the users and external suppliers of its branches around the country, and other entities of different sizes like small and micro companies.

Client Benefit

Neusoft Cloud Technology’s professional, reliable and secure private cloud operation services have enabled the on-demand growth, supply and payment of IT resources for the client. Meanwhile, the one-stop cloud management platform services have met the client’s needs for flexible and efficient operations and saved lots of operating costs for the client.

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