IT Application Maintenance Services


  • Professional and efficient team with over two decades of practical experience in scientific management;
  • Two-way business-driven and IT-driven modes to enable business continuity and intelligent operations;
  • Multi-range monitoring data applicable to business analysis and conducive to building an intelligent platform to analyze operation business and to control the whole situation in real time;
  • Efficient use of IT infrastructure and upper layer applications to drive the sustained healthy business growth.

Service Contents

Application System Operation System

Provide you with application system maintenance and technology consulting services during your use . Support the performance monitoring, installation, deployments, software upgrading, analysis, and demand collection for various application systems, thus ensuring their synchronously smooth upgrading, constantly improvements, and secure and stable operations.

IDC Operating Guarantee Services

Provide comprehensive IDC operating guarantee services, including IDC environmental management, IDC equipment room security management, IT asset management, IDC infrastructure operations, network operations, server and storage operations, application system health check, and assistance in IDC resource allocation.

Application System Performance Management Services

Rely on Neusoft’s advanced application performance management platform to provide one-stop solutions for governments and enterprises. Enable 360-degree comprehensive and full-stack application monitoring capabilities, reduced application failures, improved user experience, and lower manual operation costs.

Paas Platform Construction Services

Rely on the Pivotal PCF platform to provide you with cloud-native services and microservices and to help you build a unified Paas platform and rapidly migrate your traditional applications to the cloud through containerization during your process of digital transformation.

Service Case

Our customer is a large-scale household appliance manufacturer with an annual output value of RMB100 billion yuan and multiple production bases and marketing centers in China. Neusoft has been officially providing this client with IT services since 1999. Over nearly two decades of cooperation, the services from Neusoft Cloud Technology have expanded from the single software system support services at the initial stage to the current operations for the GVS, supply chain flows , procurement flows, logistics and relevant domestic and international after-sales systems of the client’s Group Center, 11 production bases, 42 product divisions, 40 semi-product divisions, 50 marketing centers, and 90 logistics warehouses. Neusoft Cloud Technology has helped the client build an effective IT operation management system that meets its requirements for the high availability of the information system, business system, and infrastructure.

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