Intelligent Building Management System (iBMS+)

Product Profile

Neusoft Intelligent Building Management Platform (iBMS+) functions as the “nerve center” of modern intelligent buildings to enable centralized monitoring, unified alarming, and intelligent linkage in all subsystems of intelligent buildings through such functions as the pre-plan management and emergency command, the equipment management and operation, the energy consumption management and analysis, and the integration and comprehensive management on the information from the systems like Building Automation (BA), Fire Automation (FA), Security Automation (SA), Office Automation (OA), and Communication Automation (CA).

The iBMS + smart applications based on mobile Internet and intelligent IoT enable the mutual perception between buildings and humans, thus making intelligent buildings smarter, safer, more comfortable, more efficient and greener and bringing new connotations to the concepts of smart buildings.

Product Advantages

Advanced System Architecture

Support the cross-platform and cross-database deployments; adopt the flexible and efficient B/S structure; enable the flexibly customized business processes based on Neusoft’s workflow platform with independent intellectual property rights; provide graphical tools to help configure infrastructure assets and services and to enable the integrated 3D visual display; allow users to conveniently access and use the operation platform and share information through the mobile App.

Rich Decision Support

Offer effective energy management tools to help achieve energy-saving and emission-reduction targets that meet national and local standards; support linkage control that enables the orderly and coordinated operations and information sharing among all department platforms; integrate preventive disposal and emergency command to facilitate the calm risk prevention and emergency responses; provide professional decision support based on the integrated multidimensional and multi-perspective analysis and in-depth mining of data value through the connection with the business systems (like the HIS system).

Application Scenarios

  • Intelligent buildings
  • Intelligent industrial parks
  • Intelligent hospitals
  • Intelligent hotels
  • Commercial complexes
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