UniEAP Report : Reporting Platform


A self-developed enterprise-level reporting platform specially dedicated for corporate data analysis and report making and based on the product concepts of “professionalism, easy use, and high quality”. Rely on pure Web-based making tools, rich display capabilities, and powerful analysis models to facilitate your reporting development, to shorten your development cycles, and to solve your reporting problems.


1. Solution Integration

Able to be used as a data analysis module combined with other business modules. Allow software companies to integrate products and to rapidly build enterprise software platforms for the development of business statistical reports. Enable easy use, full coverage of report patterns, easy development difficulty, and reduced implementation costs of reports.

2. Creation of Report Centers

Provide management on organizations, roles, users, and privileges besides reporting development tools to help enterprises quickly create unified report center platforms, integrate and analyze ever-growing business data, control the whole situation, and make better decisions..


1. Complicated Report Making

Provide visual interfaces and Web-based quasi-Excel designers to enable row and column symmetry, combination of graphs and charts, dynamic data calculation, etc. through simple operations without codes.

2.Massive Data Processing

Rely on the unique patent technologies of flexible segmentation and efficient processing on massive data to rapidly export hundreds of thousands of data with computing formulas as Excel files. Support online printing for hundreds of thousands of data.

3. Display on Different Terminals

Support data analysis and report display on the PC side and on mobile terminal applications. Enable users to flexibly configure and view the required report contents on mobile terminals and to know the latest corporate data anywhere at any time.

4. Business Expansion Supported

Easily meet business expansion needs with the flexible expansion and integration capabilities enabled through the rich secondary development interfaces developed based on numerous practices. Rely on the flexible functions of user and privilege management to rapidly integrate third-party applications.


1. Report Designer

Provide pure Web-based report designers to help users bind data and define complicated reforms via drag-and-drop without any coding.

2. Multiple data sources

Support diverse data access modes (JNDI/JDBC) and rich data source types. Provide multiple data set models which can perfectly solve the problem of data sources from different databases in a report.

3. Data Filling

Support data backfilling that applies to multiple business scenarios, like data reporting of enterprises and government departments, periodical data summary in companies, and the second modification to summarized data.

4. Export and Print

Support the export of such common formats as Excel, Word, PDF, HTML, CSV, and Png. Provide a complete set of printing solutions that support various printing methods like java, lodop, and pdf.


1. Information Construction of Social Insurance in Guangzhou

In line with the requirements for developing integrated social insurances, Guangzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau adopts UniEAP Report to have set up a social insurance system. This system covers the social insurance business for 2.1 million insured people of the city and enables them to timely view and print the reports without personal appearance at the service hall.

2.PetroChina Information Management System

UniEAP Report assists PetroChina in constructing the business information management system which can enable dynamic display of market information, and timing output of monthly and weekly reports, and real-time control on information data.

3. The Gold Exchange

UniEAP Report helps the Gold Exchange build an advanced data service platform that provides its data center with high performance, availability, scalability, and security and supports its report usage in the next 5 years.

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