Supply Chain Logistics Management System

The ever-improving modern information technologies have influenced and transformed the traditional logistics industry which has applied the Internet and Big Data analysis technologies into business operation. Currently, the logistics industry is working hard to integrate the logistics information on the Internet platforms and stepping into the so-called 4.0 Era. Under this very context rises the Logistics Network.

Along with the development of the Logistics Network, great attention goes to the IoT technology, the Internet, the mobile Internet, Big Data, Cloud Computing, and the relationship between intelligent logistics technological equipment and the Logistics network. Neusoft focuses on these aspects to gradually develop an “Internet + Logistics” product family with strong market vitality and competitiveness.

Product List

Logistics Operation Scheduling system (LOS)

Neusoft LOS serves as the central system that determines the efficient operation of logistics enterprises. Through big data analysis, Neusoft LOS enables logistics enterprises to lay out the systematic, all-region and full-range logistics networks, to rationally set the inventory capacity and internal layouts of regional logistics centers, logistics centers and transfer stations, to equip appropriate logistics equipment, to raise the operating efficiency between different logistics site networks, and to lower logistics cost.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Neusoft LOS mainly enables fine inventory management. Through IoT technology, this system transfers the data on inbound and outbound goods, stocktaking, and slotting optimization to the terminal control system to instruct the operators to work efficiently.

Transportation Management System (TMS)

Neusoft TMS is based on the Internet plus intelligent logistics distribution network. It obtains a rational distribution task from the optimal scheduling engine that optimizes the order and network data input, and then assigns the task to the intelligent distribution unit through the vehicle scheduling engine. This systems enables the information-based management on order optimization, route generation, vehicle scheduling, loading and delivery, and the handover, reception and settlement of goods, and service evaluation, etc.

LMS system

Neusoft LMS is an integrated top-down logistics management system. It enables enterprises to manage the comprehensive logistics services on all fronts, including the information service and logistics data analysis for the logistics industry, the analysis decision and monitoring management for the decision-making level, and the logistics operation management, resource management, cost management, performance management, service management, equipment management, and site management for the management level.

Order Management System (OMS)

Neusoft OMS involves the tasks to be done with the cooperation between warehouse and transportation and those to be done just with warehouse or transportation alone. This system enables the full-life-cycle order management and tracking from generation, operation, in-transportation, completion of delivery to settlement. OMS also drives the operation of TMS and WMS.

Product Positioning

  • LMS: to solve the problems in management and control over the logistics operation process as well as the lean management over all logistics operation links, including data analysis decision, operation monitoring, cost management, performance management, resource management, service management, and information services
  • LOS: to solve the problems on logistics network optimization, logistics site selection, network node optimization, and logistics route planning, as well as the routine and dynamic scheduling of logistics resources, and to finally optimize the transport capacity and efficiency of the entire logistics network
  • OMS: to solve users’ problems on the overall logistics order management, the full-life-cycle order management and tracking from generation, operation, in-transportation, confirmation of completion to settlement, enable order access, order handling, order task management, order time-effect management, order tracking, management on proofs of delivery, and quality management, etc
  • WMS: to build an intelligent warehouse management system for logistics distribution center and to adopt IoT technology to create a management system integrated with intelligent storage and sorting for users
  • TMS: to solve the problems on transport planning management, transportation route optimization, transportation resource management, transportation cost management, and whole-process tracking and monitoring for the logistics distribution center; to realize the appropriate distribution between transportation resources and tasks and build a logistics transportation management system for enterprises through the “Internet + Logistics” cloud platform technology
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