Vudei Surveillance

Neusoft’s Cloud Police includes a series of “accurate”, “stable”, and “easily expandable” platforms and application systems planned and developed with the overall consideration of smart urban management and services, through the front-end information acquisition equipment and the central processing technologies based on video structured analysis, accurate image recognition, and big data analysis, under the concept of systematic thinking, refined management, and continuous improvement.

Intelligent Public Security

Provide database management on 1.3 billion population and an autonomous public security big data analysis and prediction platform based on over 15 years of experience in managing and analyzing more than 200 categories of data. Integrate the vehicle information, the business data and video data from all categories of public security police and the social data to form applicable and comprehensive big data solutions. Rely on data display abilities related to data management and insight to strongly enable public security departments at provincial, city, district, and county levels to research and study information, command and dispatch resources, maintain the overall stability, investigate cases, and offer data-based intelligent public security services.

Intelligent Politics and Law

Integrate the data and business scenario applications related to social governance from over 20 government sectors and the ten-million-level social video data. Rely on cloud computing, AI and other modern technological achievements to facilitate public security departments in maintaining stability, combating criminals, coordinating law enforcement, serving the public and to enable comprehensive governance and grid management. Create a characteristic intelligent comprehensive governance system based on practical situations of regional social governance through data connection and sharing among the public security information network, the video private network, the Internet, and the government service network.

Video Image Products for Public Security

Sport 15 years of experience in researching video image analysis technologies and developing relevant products, over 100 invention patents, and 20-plus software copyrights. Provide video structured products which analyze the contents of video and image information through deep learning technology. Offer view libraries which enable the quick storage and query of massive data and the efficient value exploration of massive videos in line with the GA/T1399 and 1400 standards. Provide applicable platforms linked to public security information bases of cases, population, vehicles, etc. Offer simple and easy-to-use intelligent application services to help public security organs break more cases with better early warning for major cases.

Product Lists

  • Cloud e-police system
  • Traffic violation snapshot system
  • Snapshot system for illegal parking
  • Traffic flow and incident detection system
  • Big data visualized analysis and judgement platform for smart transportation
  • Big data platform for integrated traffic police business
  • Smart operation and maintenance system
  • Intelligent control
  • Rapid processing system for traffic accidents
  • Intelligent tracking system for vehicle information
  • Incident detection system for expressways
  • Public security big data analysis
  • Public video networking
  • Video image products for public security: video structurization, view libraries and video applicable platforms
  • Public security Internet plus services
  • Intelligent comprehensive management
  • Vehicle big data
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