Group Financial Management and Control


Neusoft Financial Cloud Platform (Financial Cloud) provides group enterprises with enriched intelligent and professional platforms for fund management, corporate banking service, FSC, OMS , coordination between customers and business providers, and financial and tax management as well as image management, electronic archives, mobile applications, big data analysis, and intelligent customer services.

Neusoft Financial Cloud brings the following core values for enterprises’ financial control and business development:

  • Enable changes in the decentralized approach to financial transactions, more centralized financial control, solider cost control, and higher financial operation and service capacities across a group (including its global branches)
  • Provide rapid financial support for group enterprises to set up new branches worldwide with lower costs and higher efficiency. Facilitate their fast growth in global business scale
  • Efficiently support group enterprises (including global branches) in carrying out fund payment, allocation approval and other businesses and services related to the capital flow needed for production and operation activities
  • Allow group enterprises to better link their internal units through capital and to provide optimized internal financial services and external capital operation
  • Offer a standardized financial management system that supports business operations and includes the standardized processing flow for financial businesses, the financial and fund management policies, and the unified control of group enterprises (including global branches). Facilitate group enterprises (including global branches) in controlling financial risks and achieving strategic operational goals

Product Lists

Financial Cloud- FM

Provide solutions to fund management for group enterprises, as fund management is the core of financial control. Meet the important and urgent needs for risk prevention, fund control and security, and fund benefits management.

Financial Cloud-CBS

A platform and carrier where Neusoft provides business collaboration services for enterprises and banks, an electronic channel where enterprises enjoy banking financial services, and an important supportive component of E-commerce for the moment and the future.

Financial Cloud- FSC

A complete set of closed-loop information-based financial reimbursement processes including pre-control on budgets, self-service reimbursement, online approval, automatic financial accounting and financial settlement in enterprises.

Financial Cloud- OMS

A core management and operation platform for enterprises’ financial sharing centers. Provide them with job management for task pools, operation service management. Offer accounting engine services for the automatic vouchers in the accounting systems of professional platforms and enterprises.

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