A participant in the formulation of multiple relevant standards at home and abroad with membership of mainstream industry alliances (5GAA, CITS, TIAA, CCSA, and Japanese ITS connect).

One-stop comprehensive solutions covering software, hardware, development and test platforms.

Core technologies with 36 invention patents for relevant products.

Highly effective transmission distance; high-bandwidth throughput and high message delivery rate; low network delay and low jitter.

A wide range of ecological partners like communication operators, OEMs, chip makers, component manufacturers, research institutes, and demonstration areas of intelligent connection, with which cooperation has been carried out to jointly promote industrial development.

Product Description

C-V2X OBU In-Vehicle Terminals

Support multiple domestic operators through the multi-modal communication platforms including LTE-V, WIFI, and 2G/3G/4G. Meet national standards and support over 30 kinds of V2V, V2I, and V2P applications in such areas as driving safety, driving efficiency, and information services.

Provide multiple interfaces including Ethernet, HDMI, and CAN with automotive grade design and stable performance. Support multiple security chip options.

C-V2X Road Test Units

Follow the high-level protection standards that enable the use in various bad weather conditions. Boast the plug-and-play multi-modal communication architecture that supports LTE-V/DSRC, WiFi, GPS/BDS, 2G/3G/4G.

Support access to multiple types of transport facilities such as traffic lights, videos, and microwaves.

Meet national standards, offer excellent algorithm support, concise appearance, easy installation, and stable performance.

VeTalk (V2X Software Protocol Stacks)

Fully support the V2X standards of all countries around the world (American Standard/European Standard/Japanese Standard/National Standard), to help clients quickly expand markets in different regions.

Support multi-chip/multi-module platforms to meet clients’ different needs. Provide basic guarantee for early warning accuracy through excellent early warning algorithms and positioning technologies.

Adopt layered software architecture with APIs for different layers to enable flexible scalability and to meet the needs of different client groups. Use unified software architecture for different regional standards around the world to enable the convenient and flexible deployments and upgrades of modular design, the cuttable positioning and early warning systems, and the scalable architecture.

Deeply participate in drafting 10 Chinese V2X standards (including the application layer, the network layer, and security standards), with first-mover advantages in standards.

Fully support all the 17 categories of applications defined by T/CSAE 53.

Support the V2P solution integrated with vision and V2X. Support vehicle formation driving solutions.

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