Analysis and Testing of Car Body Quality

Product Description

Fully utilize the massive monitoring data a vehicle manufacturer has accumulated and predict the manufacturing dimensions and quality of all subassemblies of the car body through the pattern recognition algorithm based on time series in line with vehicle manufacturer’s actual needs. Give timely early warnings when abnormal fluctuations are predicted, so that effective measures can be rolled out in the production process to ensure stable production, data-driven quality, shortened feedback cycle, reduced production costs, and improved production efficiency.

Product Features

  • Complete data collection system that enables the capacities to collect the measurement data, process data and on-site real-time data of various products;
  • Pre-processing system with the quality evaluation system built based on filtered data and the visual components used to make and publish various reports to show the status of product quality and production processes;
  • Accurate calculation of qualified rates of all subassemblies and dimension chains through the introduced AWK algorithm for subassemblies and FMK algorithm for dimension chains; real-time alarms of dimension analysis processing and quality problems, through which users can know product quality status and find its change trends from multiple dimensions.

Application Value

The Analysis and Testing Platform of Car Body Quality has enabled the full life-cycle Big Data application management and the more extensive and effective collection of production data. The full data feedback in the manufacturing process brings better improvements in product quality. The eventual effective feedback of the data in the manufacturing process to the R&D departments helps improve the quality in the entire manufacturing process.

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