Intelligent Mobility Products

Enable better life experiences in vehicles

Product Description

Neusoft Intelligent Mobility Products offer users new-generation in-vehicle voice control systems based on super-intelligent AI and enabling more convenient human-computer interaction experiences, provide a complete content ecological platform to connect the data of all accounts on the platform, vehicles, and life scenarios, and integrate third-party services and Internet capabilities to launch in-vehicle products. Vertically, the human-computer interaction based on perception technology will provide more accurate services with the support of massive data; horizontally, intelligent cockpits will be integrated with numerous technologies beyond the automotive field to enable the interconnection with home and office scenarios.

Product Features

  • Establish Big Data core models to empower vehicle enterprises
  • Establish charging models through unified management on CP/SP
  • Output standard SDK to vehicle enterprises to improve their radiation capabilities
  • Provide more Internet resources through intelligent mobility.

Application Value

  • High customization and timely responses enable vehicle manufacturers’ unique experiences.
  • The unsharable data can create value through analysis and utilization.
  • Hardware experiences must be as good as mobile experiences.
  • As the core in the future development, the voice function is more expected to present a Voice Assistant as emotional as Iron Man.
  • The core functions (navigation, music, radio, etc.) should be fully integrated into the Internet content system for the continuity that enables different applications to share the same data in different scenarios.
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