Neusoft Super Service Personal Link (SSP-Link) is an auto electronic software product whose main function is to interconnect cellphones and in-vehicle terminals through the communication technologies of USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. By synchronizing such apps in cellphones as navigation, music, radio, and news to the in-vehicle central control screens, SSP-Link allows drivers to experience mobile Apps via the in-vehicle central control screen, thus maximally ensuring users’ operational convenience and driving safety.

Product Description

  • Usability: Support Android and IOS mobile phones and Plug and Play under USB mode. No need to turn on the USB debug mode in the connection to an Android mobile phone. No MFI certification in the connection to IOS. Support host-side control on both Android and IOS mobile phones.
  • Outstanding performance: Able to perfectly fit the hosts with various resolutions. Support the hosts with Wince, Android, Linux, QNX systems; support the high-definition video output with a maximum of 1080P and 30 frames per second and the video delay of less than 200 milliseconds; perfectly compatible with mainstream mobile phones in the market .
  • Overseas markets: Able to be exported to overseas auto markets; support multiple languages; comply with local laws and regulations, with cumulative exports of over 200,000 sets to international markets.
  • OTA upgrade: support online over-the-air upgrade and perfectly solve the updates and upgrades of subsequent products.

Product Features

  • Plug and Play
  • Good compatibility
  • Voice interaction
  • OTA upgrade

Application Value

Expand navigation, entertainment and other functions of cellphones to in-vehicle multimedia to solve users’ needs of using cellphones in the driving process and to ensure driving safety.

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