Provide a complete set of OTA system solutions, including the cloud-based customized development and privatized deployments for auto manufacturers, the OTA agreements on the communication side, and the system upgrades for vehicles.

Product Description

  • Cloud OTA management platform: enable the formulation of OTA upgrade plans and the cloud-based OTA support and management, provide overall OTA management consoles, monitor OTA execution status, etc.
  • Build the process and specific upgrade capability through the OTA system on the vehicle side, eg.: monitoring and downloading the upgrade package App of OTA Cloud, integrating with the cloud, specifically implementing local upgrade processing, and programming the upgrade package into the ECU through the UDS protocol, etc.
  • Support other system expansion of vehicle suppliers, eg,: customized upgrades for Cluster and ECUS.

Product Features

  • Simplicity
  • Convenience
  • Customization

Application Value

  • Vehicles will not just be a means of transportation any more.
  • Enable rapid repair of system defects
  • Fast iteration to improve products and user experiences
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