A vehicle steward that provides you with all-round services like vehicle information management, vehicle conditions, maintenance and vehicle control.

As an important field integrated with IoT and intelligent vehicles, the Internet of Vehicles collects, processes, and shares the road and vehicle information through vehicles and enables the intelligence on wheels through the multiple human-vehicle, vehicle-vehicle, and vehicle-control-center interactions.

Product Description

When you’re driving in the car, Neusoft TSP enables you to get timely vehicle abnormality alarms and make SOS calls in case of emergencies; when you’re out of the car, this App allows you to query the current status and location of your car and enjoy such humanized services as remote control, vehicle status query, and maintenance appointment at any time.

TSP enables vehicle manufacturers and dealers to manage vehicle-related information before, during and after the sales of vehicles.

TSP can also obtain data information from in-vehicle terminals and operator platforms and analyze and process such data information to enable fault diagnosis for electric vehicles, processing of T services, vehicle-related information management, and other functions.

With access to multiple models produced by vehicle manufacturers, Neusoft TSP has developed a system in line with the local standards. Meanwhile, it needs to meet the long-term development needs.

Product Features

  1. Architectural service system supported by massive terminal data;
  2. Great capability to integrate resources;
  3. Standardized open platform and security system;

Application Value

  • Provide vehicle owners with abnormal reminders, emergency help, remote control, vehicle status query and maintenance services.
  • Provide vehicle manufacturers or dealers with vehicle-related information management, data information analysis and other services before, during and after the sales of vehicles.
  • Provide universal Telematics-based integrated business frameworks and standard development protocols to enable different vehicle manufacturers to rapidly develop and flexibly expand customization services.
  • Offer flexible Telematics-based frameworks to deploy private and public cloud services, thus meeting vehicle manufacturers’ deployment needs for various service patterns.
  • Adopt multiple international mainstream Internet of Vehicles technologies to create mature and stable Telematics development frameworks that meet vehicle manufacturers’ needs for diversified IT route choices.
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