Neusoft Releases Data Middle Platform 3.0 to Empower Enterprise Digital Transformation

Recently, Neusoft released a new generation data middle platform. With better data development, index management and multi-domain data asset management, Neusoft Data Middle Platform 3.0 aims to help enterprises accelerate their business innovation, and improve data efficiency and business value.

Based on abundant practical experience in industry solutions and rapidly changing data needs from customers, Neusoft has built its unique data middle platform covering the whole process of enterprise data asset management, including data acquisition, data processing, data quality analysis, data development, data assets and data visualization.

Compared with its predecessors, Neusoft Data Middle Platform 3.0 is more open and compatible. With faster and diversified data processing capability, it can be deeply integrated with industry solutions and customer business operations, and provide efficient data services and a wide range of application scenarios.

After more than a decade of technological accumulation and application practice, Neusoft Data Middle Platform has been widely used in industries such as education, finance, healthcare, manufacturing and energy, providing a complete data asset process for business users to tap the potential value of data assets. Looking into the future, Neusoft Data Middle Platform will continue to optimize the user experience, and provide more cutting-edge products and innovative application scenarios. It will help enterprises build the ability of more efficient, cross-domain data fusion governance and data service innovation to accelerate their digital transformation.

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