Neusoft Solutions Forum 2020 Kicks off in Nanning,China

On November 21, 2020, Neusoft Corporation hosted the “Neusoft Solutions Forum 2020” in Nanning, China. At the forum, Dr. Liu Jiren, Chairman and CEO of Neusoft Corporation, made a keynote speech titled The Ecological Era of Software, saying that with the wide application of software technology, software will become a tool for building a digital social ecosystem and software industry will enter into a more open, integrated, and innovative era.

Dr. Liu stressed in the speech, with the popularization of information technology and the continuous expansion of digital commercial scale in recent years, technology is transforming from a tool for single value creation to a new ecosystem based on empowerment. AI, Big Data, super computing and other technologies will be integrated with 5G and future smart networks, and the Internet will transform from a traditional channel connecting people, transmitting information and solving general problems to a computable network connecting all things, acquiring information and building personalized connections. All these will provide more development potential for software and create a more integrated and open ecosystem.

Dr. Liu also mentioned that in the new digital ecological era, social business rules,data privacy, system security, and inequality between digital and non-digital space will be the largest challenges and the primary problems to be solved by future technology. Credit will become the soul of the digital economy, and it has become a reality to obtain more diversified information through big data technology to provide targeted services for a larger number of entities.

When talking about coping with COVID-19, Dr. Liu introduced Neusoft’s practice of utilizing the power of software and technology to fight against the epidemic. After the outbreak of COVID-19, Neusoft quickly launched the “Self-service Epidemic Reporting” platform to freely help collect related information in grassroots communities. Neusoft dispatched professional teams to timely help medical institutions upgrade their information systems, and released the information-based overall solution for the epidemic prevention and control. Neusoft also launched five intelligent anti-epidemic terminal products. In the meantime, Neusoft Medical donated large-scale medical imaging equipments and software to Wuhan city in China, and rapidly developed and launched such new products as the “Leisheng” mobile cabin CT and the “Huoyan” AI-assisted screening system to fight against the epidemic. Neusoft Xikang used its cloud hospital platform to set up a free “COVID-19 Consulting Platform” and to publicize professional anti-epidemic knowledges to people.

At the end of his speech, Dr. Liu expressed that Neusoft is about to usher in its 30th anniversary and over the past 30 years, Neusoft has been deeply integrating software into people’s lives and social changes. In the future, Neusoft will continue to work with customers and partners to explore the infinite power of software, to accelerate social development, and to create better life.


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