Neusoft and BOE Sets up “Smart Aviation Joint Innovation Lab”

On November 18, 2020, at BOE Global Innovation Partner Conference 2020, Neusoft Corporation reached all-round cooperation with BOE on smart aviation, and the two companies co-established the “Smart Aviation Joint Innovation Lab”, to provide advanced information interaction products and system solutions for the civil aviation sector and to further facilitate the development of the aviation equipment industry.

For this cooperation, both companies will fully play their respective technological and product advantages in smart cabins, avionics manufacturing, software development, and other areas. Under the new pattern of aviation industry, the two sides will explore a new cooperation model for “smart aviation”. By starting from the collaboration on smart cabins, the two companies will work together to research foresight technologies and their applications, to develop mature and competitive technologies, methods and tools, and to cultivate excellent software and hardware talents. All these efforts are aimed to transform the two sides’ supply chain relationship into a comprehensive strategic partnership. This has been another important cooperation project of the two sides since they signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement last year.

In civil aviation, Neusoft has 14 years of experience in serving global airlines with technological development. Neusoft has successively developed in-flight entertainment information systems, aviation big data platforms, aviation frequent flyer systems, unified aviation e-commerce platforms, etc. for domestic airlines. In 2013, Neusoft and Air China jointly completed the first ground-air interconnection in China’s civil aviation history. Neusoft has been actively developing its strategic layout to form a resource-sharing, win-win and open “Internet + Aviation Industry Ecosystem” with the extension of smart terminals and the integration of AI, Big Data, 5G, wifi6 and other emerging technologies for air travel services.

As a global innovative IoT enterprise, BOE keeps deeply combining its industrial resources and professional abilities with the IoT industry to provide products and services integrated with software and hardware systems. At present, BOE has carried out in-depth cooperation with global partners in smart finance, smart ports, smart parks, smart retail, smart city public services, industrial Internet and other fields, providing high-quality solutions for over 50 types of scenarios. In the aviation field, BOE’s products, such as cockpit avionics displays, HUD displays, cabin audio-visual entertainment displays, and electronic flight bag display components, have been used in Airbus, Boeing, Comac C919 and other models.

The all-round cooperation between Neusoft and BOE will enable both sides to fully utilize their superior resources in the aviation industry chain, and can release huge power to support the continuous creation of innovative aviation products and services that will bring users with superior travel experience.


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