Electrical Design


Targeting customers from industries such as metallurgy, papermaking, transportation, machinery, etc., we offer complete electrical equipment setting and control solutions tailored to electrical suppliers requirements.


  • Professional technical team
    Our electrical design team has mastered advanced design methodologies in automatic industrial electrical design, utilizing strong design technology support and mature design procedures to meet the needs of various industries.
  • Mature design
    We offer mature and economic electrical designs and reliable technical support based on customer requirements. During the design, we take into account many elements such as personal and equipment safety, equipment scalability and maintainability, as well as cost efficiency.
  • Pragmatic design philosophy
    We select the proper control programs through on-site investigation and design the most cost-effective and stable optimization solutions according to the customer’s budget and needs. During the design process, we adopt standard document management systems and offer customers various training services and technical support for ongoing system operation and maintenance.
  • Clear design procedures During the design process, we perform smooth and clear process controls, multiple reviews and internal approval to ensure design quality.
    These include:
    • Layout selection and design for equipment such as power supply, relays, control units and communication devices
    • On-site setting and wiring design for control equipment
    • Signal-based type selection for input and output modules of control units
    • Complete electrical system control diagram

Case Study

We have successfully designed the control system electrical wiring diagram covering the whole production line for a metallurgy enterprise in South America. This enabled the enterprise to complete on-site electrical installation and debugging in a rapid manner and on a high-quality basis. Our work has been highly appreciated by our customer.