PLC Design


We provide process control system design covering industrial control networks, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and industrial touch screens as well as automatic technical upgrads and improvements to customers from various industries.


Touch screens provide operators with user friendlyinterfaces
Control network works steadily with high response speed and good anti-Electro Magnetic Interface performance

Key Technology

  • Overall solution performance;
  • With a wealth of experience in fieldbus control system designing and mastery over PROFIBUS protocol, we are able to provide comprehensive automatic industrial control solutions guaranteeing security, economy, scalability and easy-maintainability for various industries such as coal, transportation, port, metallurgy, papermaking, etc.
  • PLC design
  • We have the ability to undertake PLC design for large-scaled production lines (above 1,000 tons) and complete the design of control system networks, output/input circuits and scalable modules, so as to provide users with full cycle services covering design, programming, installation and debugging.


Our experience in multiple platform development enables us to build and develop various systems for different customers based on several PLC development platforms such asSiemens, Mitsubishiand OMRON.

Case Study

We have successfully accomplished the design, PLC programming, installation and debugging of process control systems for a large-size rolling enterprise. The system has been well received by the customer.