Professional Camera


In 2003, we entered into the professional camera business for high- and mid-end products. High-end products are designed for film shooting while mid-end ones are intended for other professional users such as TV stations, advertising agencies, independent film producers and wedding planning companies. These products cover a wide range of cameras, camcorders and field recorders, among others. In addition, we have also developed relevant tools and software in connection with professional cameras.


  • Film shooting
  • Recording
  • Playback
  • Format conversion
  • Linear editing
  • Automatic/manual shutter
  • Automatic/manual white balance
  • Automatic/manual focus
  • Interlace/progressive scan
  • Camera control/multi-camera-based shooting
  • Professional features: high-speed reading and writing, strict real-time quality, audio and video synchronization, high reliability, good picture quality, and excellent sound effects.
  •  Compatible with the interfaces and criteria for broadcasting and television

Key Technology

  • Applicable standards: MXF (Material eXchange Format), Blue-ray, Mpeg2, H.264, UDF
  • Audio and video processing: white balance, auto shutter, auto focus, NR, gamma, etc.
  • Supported external interfaces: SDI and HD-SDI
  • High-performance driving program development on a real-time basis


OS: Linux, iTron andVxWorks

Case Study

We have developed a new product platform covering OS importing, software reconstruction and other functionalities by partnering with our clients. Based on several CPUs and various OSs, the platform offers rich functions through these CPUs, and is easy to extend to a variety of products.