In 2002, we started to launch TV-related products at low, middle and high-end price points to markets across North America, Europe, Japan, China, SouthEast Asia, Middle East, Russia and Australia. Our products include traditional all-in-one TVs, STBs, HD-embedded all-in-one TVs, Blu-ray CD-ROM-embedded all-in-one TVs, web TVs, etc.
Neusoft develops products and solutions across a wide array of areas such as chip firmware testing, system cutting, device driver, middleware, TV applications, TV testing and debugging tools, production management systems, etc. We provide our customers with an integrated one-stop digital TV turnkey solution helping them quickly introduce competitive products to the market.


  • Applicable digital TV broadcasting standards: DVB, ISDB, DTMB, TDMB, ATSC
  • Supports audio and video input/output:HDMI, SCART, S-Video, D-Terminal, VGA, SPDIF
  • 7Days EPG
  • TimeShift
  • Program recording & playback:Recorded program management and editing
  • Media intercommunication: DLNA,DTCP
  • Web application: Connects to ouTube, Netflix, BesTV, BD-Live, WebEngine and Portal
  • External devices: USB, 1394,AVSystem (Amplifier), NAS
  • Software upgrading: Automatic detection and upgrading via disk, UBS or online

Key Technology

Platform Development

Neusoft has a long history developing mainstream embedded OSs and software platforms, including Linux, Android, pSos, WinCE, Win7, iOS, ITron, etc., in addition to developing home products on the mainstream SoC.

Network Interconnection

With our proprietary DLNA middleware, we offer a wide range of network interconnection solutions via wired/wireless network to create and maintain smooth interconnection between new-generation digital home products and smart terminals such as PCs, mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, printers, etc., enabling home users to share video, audio and pictures across different devices. DTCP encryption and transmission is also available.

Leading Smart TV Technology

Addressing users’ increasing demands of visual/audio experience and control of new-generation digital home products, we have made significant investments in gesture control, face recognition, 3D UI and value-added applications, and have developed various solutions. Software applications for hand-held smart devices are available in related AppStores.

Comprehensive, Professional Embedded Software Testing

Our embedded software testing team provides professional system function testing and Product Testing / Non-Functional Testing services. We also have a firmware testing team engaged in providing semiconductor manufacturers with professional testing of the media playback capacity of their chips.


  • Hardware: Toshiba, ST, Intel
  • OS: Linux, Android, Meego, Windows7, pSOS, iTRON

Case Study

We have launched a Digital TV turnkey solution which is based on digital TV Soc and can support several digital TV broadcasting standards as well as middleware such as DLNA, IPTV, InternetTV, etc. Under Linux, the solution has GUI Framework that can support various popular image libraries such as X11, DirectFB, OpenGL|ES and GTK. This Framework can be used to create brilliant 2D/3D screens. The solution also allows intercommunication with home media through DLAN+DTCP and connection to hand-held smart devices via Wifi to fulfill smart functionalities such as media sharing and mobile control. In addition, with an open application installation and management system, it provides customers with a value-added TV application service platform based on the AppStore.