Haier Equipment Production Group SAP ERP System Implementation


Haier Equipment Production Group (EPG)

Project Overview

The EPG SAP ERP System Implementation Project (EPG-SAP Project) refers to the implementation of SAP system for the four PL20 divisions of EPG. The Project would be implemented in four phases. In Phase 1, we would carry out the implementation of 4 PLs within four divisions focusing on making modules for other divisions to lay a foundation for on-going promotion and implementation. In Phase 2, we would promote and implement electronically controlled PL for 3 divisions, in Phase 3, we intend to promote and implement parts PL for 8 divisions and in Phase 4, we would perform the promotion and implementation of material PL for 5 divisions. At present, Phase 1 and 2 has been completed with good implementation effects.

Implementation Scope

PP, MM, SD, FI and CO.


The strategic target of EPG is to create an example supplier by building an on-demand model through standardization and modularization and to become an international supplier of an advanced level through the reform of business process. Based on this, the objectives of EPG-SAP project include: integrating the financial affairs of EPG; building an information platform covering logistics, cash flow and information flow; standardizing the management of orders, inventory and costs; solving the scheduling problem of EPG by performing rough or detailed scheduling with ERP or MES system respectively; conducting real-time analysis of business and financial affairs; building a uniformed data resource for business data sharing.

Results: Through the implementation for Phase 1 and 2 of EPG-SAP project, EPG has completed the integration with other relevant business groups of Haier and that among various divisions of EPG and between the financial and business affairs of different divisions as well as between internal SAP systems and peripheral systems. Also, this helps EPG lay a good foundation for SAP promotion and implementation of other divisions.

  • With years of experience in SAP implementation for the manufacturing industry, we have designed a business process featuring advanced management concepts and powerful competitiveness for EPG after discussion;
  • Improve the market competitiveness of EPG by building a set of supply processes;
  • Build a business information platform covering logistics, cash flow and business flow based on order information and integrate it with HGVS;
  • In financial affairs, prepare multi-leveled consolidated financial statements by management level;
  • Build an integrated management platform for various data such as materials, customers, credits, suppliers, BOM, Routing, sales prices, purchase records and budget control in accordance with the requirements of MDM management and the features of EPG through data cleansing; provide a single data source for each system to ensure the uniqueness and accuracy of data coding.


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