Haier Global Value-added System (HGVS) Business Flow Optimization



Project Overview

HGVS project was proposed in 2006, and then started in 2007, covering the SAP ERP implementation and BPM management consultation for 40 business companies, 42 industry and trade companies, and several logistics companies of GO. Our SAP implementation and consultation team has joined the promotion of division and the implementation of business flow.

Through sincere cooperation with partners and ceaseless endeavors, we have successfully completed the implementation for the 42 industry and trade companies, and launched the system on May 1st, 2008. Since June 1st, 2008, HGVS project has entered a stage of maintenance. In order to ensure the successful implementation of HGVS operations, we have partnered with other suppliers to provide on-going maintenance support and services from June to October 2008, during which, we were responsible for 1) offering support to business flow of the 42 industry and trade companies of Haier ; and 2) working with other suppliers to provide services covering process, HGVS and interface optimization.

Implementation Scope

SD and FI.


  • Through years of experience in support services, we have organized a qualified maintenance team that can meet the needs of maintenance support in the future;
  • Our support services can satisfy the requirements of knowledge systems in future maintenance (PSI IT maintenance support skills examination, operating manuals and knowledge base);
  • Our process and system optimization services can provide requirement analysis, solutions, SPEC and other related documents with high quality; and
  • Our process and system optimization services which conform to reasonable requirements of business and finance can solve existing problems and adapt to the future development of Haier’s business.


After 4 months of efforts, we have successfully accomplished these objectives by partnering with other supplier and Haier PSI, earning high recognition from the client.

  • Supplement current processes and solidify systems to ensure better compliance of GVS to these processes;
  • Optimize the implementation and monitoring of peripheral systems for more stable operation of SAP and peripheral systems;
  • Build a more reasonable information platform for Haier; and
  • Help Haier organize a qualified PSI IT maintenance team that can adapt to the support of future maintenance.


Neusoft SAP R/3-based Solution for the Household Appliance Industry