Haier Global Value-added System (HGVS) Division Promotion



Project Overview

HGVS project was proposed in 2006, and then started in 2007, covering the SAP ERP implementation and BPM management consultation for 40 business companies, 42 industry and trade companies, and several logistics companies of GO. Our SAP implementation and consultation team has joined the promotion module production and division promotion.

This project covers 40 business subsidiaries of Haier in China, including many interface and data exchange for peripheral systems. From October 2006 to January 2008, we have joined the promotion module production and division promotion covering status research, blueprint design and modification, master data coding, collection and cleansing, and system implementation (including customized configurations, unit testing, integration testing, interface design and development, etc.). In addition, our consultants have also participated with early implementation consultants and Haier’s PSI consultants to establish related strategies through discussion.

Implementation Scope

SD, MM, PP, quality management (GM), FI and CO.


Build a unified information platform for Haier by integrating the operations and financial affairs of the company including business process management (BPM) and SAP system.


With the help of BMP, Global Best Practices and SAP, HGVS Division Promotion project has been implemented successfully.

As to business efficiency, the following achievements have been made:

  • Satisfy the existing requirements of Haier in organizational re-establishment and business reengineering;
  • Integrate order flow, logistics and cash flow;
  • Accelerate the business process;
  • Improve reverse and special processes to reduce mistakes.
  • Intensive analysis and control: Intensify the monitoring and control of finance division in each process; provide decision-making support for leaders by strengthening financial planning and analysis; perform cost analysis multiple by model and period, and multiple profit analysis.

In management, the following achievements have been made:

  • Corporate system integration: Integrate finance and business systems to ensure equivalent account and cash of inventory;
  • Centralization: Build a basic platform that can support the long-term development of Haier; ensure global operation management and control by centralizing basic data such as materials, suppliers, customers and organizations.
  • Standardization: Standardize and optimize long-term financial processes (establish all the systems of financial settlement with systems); perform data standardization including standard cost, BOM and process lines.
  • Compliance: Optimize non-compliance procedures, e.g., differential deposition of offal, and cancellation of return policies.


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