Alpine Electronics Manufacturing of Europe Ltd. SAP ERP System Implementation


Alpine Electronics Manufacturing of Europe Ltd.

Project Overview: AOHU SAP project was started in July 2007, and put into operation on January 4th, 2010. The implementation of this project, covering mass production plants, test operation plants and European spare parts plants, adopts new concepts and criterions of Alpine such as Global Logistics Linkage, Global Data Standards and Global Accounting Standards. It supports automatic processing of business data by building interfaces for several peripheral systems. Japanese, German, Hungarian and Chinese staff from various organizations, including the Headquarters in Japan and Europe and the plants in Hungary and China, have joined the project. The project is implemented in English.

Implementation Scope

Production planning and control (PP), material management (MM), sales and distribution (SD), financial accounting (FI), cost control (CO), Basis, ABAP and peripheral system interface design and development.


  • Strengthen cost management and control and reduce operation costs by building a visualized cost structure;
  • Increase operating efficiency by optimizing and improving business processes and keeping control on KPIs.
  • Optimize corporate organizations and improve corporate management with the standard procedures and functionalities of SAP; and
  • Streamline the process of custom-oriented operations and advance the speed of market response to increase customer satisfaction.


SAP importation expects to implement the functionalities in each system. The system has established a complete data management mechanism, enabling successful execution of each business. APHU promotes the business connection among the Headquarters in Japan and Europe, and European sales subsidiaries. Automatic exchange is made available in various procedures such as requirement conveying, order creation, sales and delivery, and voicing, which can reflect the demand changes in a timely and quick manner. Production planning and D/S tool planning systems are integrated in an automatic way to report the completion of finished products to the planning systems. This helps improve the management of production planning and execution substantially. Due to the automatic integration between the processing of SAP purchasing business and the EDI systems of external suppliers, varied data such as orders, receiving, invoices and payments is delivered on a real-time basis, which brings rise to the execution efficiency of purchasing business. AIMS is integrated with diversified operations such as material purchasing and delivery, production material feeding, inventory management business processing and SAP to improve the accuracy of inventory. By constructing a visualized cost management structure, cost management and financial business analysis has been improved and the time for financial settlement has been greatly reduced so that all kinds of reports can be prepared in a precise and timely way according to the Global Accounting Standards of Alpine.


Neusoft SAP R/3-based Solution for the Electronics Industry