Dalian Alpine Electronics Co., Ltd. SAP ERP System Implementation


Dalian Alpine Electronics Co., Ltd.

Project Overview: Alpine has maintained a rapid growth in China's market ,its main priority in Alpine's global development Production scale is important to Alpine. In consideration of the overall development strategy, IT services-especially ERP implementation, are required to support the Alpine business development. Therefore, it seeks an ERP provider with a wealth of experience and a good understanding of Japanese culture in China. Hence, it choseNeusoft. This project was started on October 8th, 2001, and launched on July 8th, 2002. It is the first SAP project conducted abroad by Alpine Group. Our Alpine Project Team has joined the whole implementation process, and successfully introduced the ERP strategy of Alpine Group to Dalian Alpine by leveraging our rich experience in ERP implementation. This project has been implemented successfully, and this has been highly recognized by Alpine's headquarters in Japan.

Key Challenges

The functionalities of modules for Dalian Alpine SAP Project Implementation include production planning and control (PP), material management (MM), sales and distribution (SD), financial accounting (FI), cost control (CO) and customs electronic account system. Alpine Group expects to achieve the following goals through this project:

  • Accomplish the seamless integration of logistics and financial services by replacing the original systems that have poor functionality and compliance;
  • Promote the data sharing and automatic transmission of business information between the Headquarters and Dalian Alpine;
  • Perform delicacy management and reduce inventory and production costs by improving corporate operation and management;
  • Provide precise information for the development and planning strategies of the company by enhancing financial management, especially the capability of product profits analysis.


With the efforts of our EPR project team, all the scheduled functionalities of Alpine SAP have been implemented. The system has established a complete data management mechanism to ensure the normal operation of each service. This promotes the data sharing and automatic transmission of business information between the Headquarters and Dalian Alpine. Delicacy management is applied in the procedures from purchasing to inventory management in order to increase the accuracy of inventory. In-system management is performed during the whole process of production, bringing a great rising in the plan fulfillment. By shortening the time of the financial settlement, the quality for the analysis of product profits is improved a lot. The Project has become a model of SAP importation within Alpine Group. This has established a good foundation for future cooperation between Neusoft and Alpine.


Neusoft SAP R/3-based Solution for the Electronics Industry