Tianjin Broadcast and TV Network Co., Ltd.

Established on April 29th, 2000, Tianjin Broadcast and TV Network Co., Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise engaged in broadcast and TV network operation and program integration.

It is responsible for planning, constructing, operating and managing all cable TV networks in Tianjin. Due to the high-quality, reasonably structured network covering Tianjin and connecting the whole country, and its rich broadband resources, it can provide diversified services such as analog TV, digital TV and web TV in connection with broadcast and television, VPN access, TV and telephone conference, broadband, and video monitoring. Presently, the company has more than 2-million users in Tianjin, including many group users.

It is one of the broadcast and TV network operators with the highest coverage, largest number of users, and richest services.

The stock information system of Tianjin Broadcast and TV Network Co., Ltd. adopts multi-zone screens to broadcast the programs of Financial News. It displays varied information such as video, images, texts, real-time stock information, figures, and curves on a single screen, and users can receive such information at home through the digital TV network.