Shanghai Ocean University

Combining digital media and TV system, Shanghai Ocean University's Campus TV System is an integrated platform featuring TV production, broadcasting and storage. Based on cable TV rebroadcasting and satellite TV reception, it has built a unique campus channel.

Materials (including courseware resources for teaching research and video conference documents) are collected, edited, stored and managed.

Combining with the campus TV studio, it can broadcast media information and TV programs safely through transmission via the HFC network, and the campus IP network, serving teachers and students as well as visitors to the campus.

The system includes various systems such as a self-running channel, satellite reception, campus information release, campus live and on-demand broadcasting, campus audio and video resource management amongst other things. Built on two information networks, the digital media and TV system can normally transmit cable TV programs, satellite received programs, and self-running programs through a cable TV network. With a reverse network, it is able to make live broadcasts and records of programs. In addition, it can manage and broadcast all TV programs in an effective way.

The production procedures of a campus TV program consist of image collection, production, storage, broadcasting, transmission and management, including non-linear editing and production systems, self-running program broadcasting system, digital audio and video media management systems, multi-media information broadcasting systems, and campus online on-demand and live broadcasting systems.