Shenyang Subway Line 1 & 2

Shenyang Subway Lines 1 & 2 are important parts of the Shenyang subway network. It is the largest traffic line from eastern to western Shenyang crossing Shenyang Economic Development Zone, Yuhong, Tiexi, Heping, Shenhe and Dadong Districts. Shenyang Subway Line 1 has recently been completed and a trial operation was launched on October 1st, 2010.

In addition, we have also won the bid for the Passenger Information System (PIS) of Shenyang Subway Line 2.

With years of experience in multi-media development and application, we have successfully developed a railway PIS solution by using leading multi-media technologies based on extensive surveys on the PISs in other cities around China to cater to the demands of Shenyang's subway communication system.

At present, we have completed the implementation and trial operation of the PIS for Shenyang Subway Line 1.