Passenger Information System (3i-PIS)

Along with the swift development of China's railway network, the passenger information system (PIS) is becoming an important part of the subway system.

It is becoming more and more widely used, and has to match the stricter demands of metro companies.

With years of experience in the development and implementation of networked multi-media operation systems, we have developed a new generation carrier-class PIS based on a thorough understanding of our customer’s needs and the needs of society by combining the development and implementation of Shenyang Subway Line 1 & 2 and Beijing Subway Line 2 Phase Ⅱ.

System Features

The new-generation carrier-class PIS features the following:

High security mechanism

  • Process review and resource encryption.
  • Secure transmission encryption.
  • Encrypted and on-demand broadcasting.
  • Pre-broadcast monitoring, fast and abnormal broadcast control by the control center.

Emergency support

  • Emergency messages.
  • Emergency planning.

Operational competitiveness

  • Multi-level management and degradation model.
  • Complete monitoring and statistical analysis.
  • Automatic alarm and swift maintenance.
  • Flexible advertising launching by road network, line, and station.
  • Support to advertising services with more flexible time cycles, e.g. by week, month or year.

Stable and reliable

  • Core software has undergone 10 years of development.
  • Hardware platforms pass all professional tests.
  • Solid combination of system security strategies and antivirus defense.
  • Software platforms based on Neusoft's core development platform.

Standardized and scalable

  • Standardized, scalable communication channel agreement.
  • Standard openness to integrate more similar devices.

Diversified flexible broadcasting support

  • Maneuverable multi-region arrangement and effect changing.
  • Agile support to channels, passages, and columns.