Vehicular Entertainment System (VES)

Neusoft VES is a vehicle-mounted device to receive and playback digital TV programs. It is widely used in various forms of vehicle, including CRH trains, subway trains, long distance buses, and regular inter-city buses to provide an abundance entertainment programs and real-time information for passengers, creating a pleasant recreational atmosphere on board the city’s various transport systems. Also, it offers information such as operational data and advertisements. This all works to keep passengers entertained.

Operating Environment

During the vehicle operation, many unforeseeable environment changes such as jolts, high-speed operation, and bad weather can take place, so VES must possess good aseismatic performance capabilities, low/high temperature resistance, and humidity resistance to adapt to bad application environment. This ensures the system can broadcast programs smoothly in any environment. Furthermore, due to the limited interior space, vehicular electronic products must be designed to be small in volume, light weight and low in power consumption.

System Features

Environment Adaptability

  • Adaptable to voltage fluctuations of vehicular power supply on high-speed and subway trains;
  • Totally-enclosed design for effective dust proofing;
  • Strong anti-seismic and anti-impact capabilities;
  • Special interfaces for reduced wiring workload, while remaining easy to implement


  • Industry-level design allowing 24/7 operation;
  • Software and hardware redundancy design to avoid single-point failure;
  • Low power consumption and non-fan design for reduced failure


  • Optimized UI based on passenger habits
  • Centralized management for easy maintenance


  • Subject to the requirements of operation and advertisement insertion
  • Support to ground vehicle management