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Job Description:

The ability to write, and edit scripts in Perl or Python for automated Android builds and automated testing.

Familiarity with programmatically reading and creating xml files.

Comfortable using the Linux command line to perform tasks such as moving or renaming files, using grep for searching files or directories, and various other tasks.

Knowledge of the Android operating system and apps, especially installing or uninstall manually, through scripts and using the ant build system.

Ability to use adb to perform a variety of tasks both manually and scripted.

Familiar with creating and editing html.

Familiar with editing configuration files and directory permissions for an Apache webserver.

Ability to write/modify/maintain Java/Android applications.

Ability to create java docs from java files

  • 1. 8+ years of client software development experience using Java, C#, C++, or Objective-C
  • 2. BS/MS in CS, or equivalent
  • 3. Thorough understanding of both client and web application architectures
  • 4. Firm understanding of software development principals
  • 5. Experience developing high-quality, mass market PC or mobile applications
  • 6. Proven ability to learn and adapt to new, complex development environments
  • 7. Superb analytical skills
  • 8. Excellent communication
  • 9. Strong team ethic
  • 10. Meticulous attention to detail
  • 11. Passion for building great user interfaces
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